About Us

Our Guarantee

You'll appear on four GREAT podcasts in your industry every month.

Emails sent by PodPitch are so effective that we guarantee you'll be a guest on four great podcasts per month in your industry.

Let's break down what this means & why we can say it:

1. We send great emails

Podcast hosts are used to getting barraged with hundreds or thousands of spam emails weekly.

PodPitch sends every host a custom email from you & written in your voice. We use best-in-class data science to achieve open & reply rates up to 10X greater than manually written emails.

2. We target intelligently

Out of the 114,000 active American podcasts, we cherry-pick just the podcasts in your target audience & industry. Want to go on gardening podcasts? You'll bloom there. True crime? It's frighteningly easy for us to target.

You'll only go on podcasts you want to appear on.

3. We only email active podcasts

We keep a close eye on every podcast in America. We know how many ratings they have, how frequently they update, and can listen to any episode of any podcast on demand.

We make sure to trim our list down to only include podcast hosts that are actively publishing.

4. We can send a lot of emails.

We can write & send over 200 completely personal & customized emails per day for you to podcast hosts.

We'll beat anyone else – PodPitch was developed to write & send the best & most convincing emails possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PodPitch?

PodPitch is a software that leverages the world's best databases, incredible PR expertise, and AI to automatically create media lists & draft pitches on your behalf.

2. How does PodPitch work?

Researching: We've meticulously created a vast database of podcasts, journalists, and influencers.

Pitching: Utilizing AI-driven messaging, we send tailored pitches via email. Every email is 100% unique.

Assisting: Human team members can provide any additional support needed, like responding back to the emails for you.

3. How much does it cost? Is there a commitment?

PodPitch is built on a pay-per-use basis. It's free to sign up, and costs can range.

4. How does onboarding work?

1. Build Your Profile
After you sign up, you can build your profile(s) and load in information.

2. Turn on Matching
When you're ready, click 'go' to turn on matching for podcasts, journalists, and/or influencers. You can confirm or tweak matching.

3. Click "Send"!
Load up your credits and click "send" to start automatically sending up to 500 emails per day from you.

5. Can just anyone try PodPitch?

Our current demand far exceeds our capacity. We'll be rolling out PodPitch to select industries in order of volume.

6. When is your public beta open?

We're expecting our public beta to be released in April 2024.

7. Do you guarantee podcast appearances?

As you may know, there are no coverage guarantees in PR. However, we guarantee you'll have a better success rate than pitching them on your own.

Get on our list so you can get on theirs.

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